Corporate Objectives

Our Vision

  • To be the largest local processor of pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch in Africa within the next five years of operation.

  • To provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest

Our Mission

  • This vision will be accomplish through aggressive focus on both technology and manufacturing efficiency

  • Achieve lower manufacturing costs reduction than competition through more efficient purchasing, lower labor costs, and more modern production equipment.

  • Operates at the high-quality, high-price end of the industrial starch market


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Excellent service
  • Team spirit
  • Quality


  • Build sufficient mass to achieve recognition as a market leader in Industrial Starch and take advantage of scaled economy
  • Rapidly develop recognition in the market with major global players


GTI currently owned 750 acres of farm land allocation from Ogun State Government and another 500 Acres of farmed land from Ishaga Orile community king for internal supplies of the required cassava feedstock. In addition, the company is also working in partnership with different outgrowers in close communities to the factory to grow and supply cassava feedstock for a guaranteed market for their harvested products.

We understand that yield per hectare is the key driver of agricultural competitiveness, hence the company is currently working with out-growers in Ogun State and immediate community on full mechanization of company owned farm lands, fertilizer utilization to boost yield per hectare, irrigation, improved varieties of seeds and cuttings and improved production methods.

Expectation from the communities

GTI is targeted to use about 300 tons of cassava tubers per day when fully operational and this requires a land size of about 3,000 hectares of which the company plans to cultivate 1000 hectares on its own while farmers from the surrounding Local Governments are expected to fill the gap of the remaining 2000 hectares or 67,000 tons under the company out-growers contract and commercial farming agreement. In order to achieve this projection and to stimulate an era of prosperity and guaranteed market security for the harvested tubers in these Local Governments, GTI is currently working with representatives of All Farmers Association of Nigeria Ogun States chapter and Ogun State Cassava Growers Association.

In line with the company’s Farmer’s Empowerment Policy, efforts are now geared upwards towards extending the company’s activities to all communities in the surrounding Local Government Areas of Ado Odo/Ota, Yewa North/South, Abeokuta North, Ifo, Owode, Odeda, etc. To ensure proper delivery, the company has decided to encourage participation of existing farmers associations, cooperatives and cluster groups in all communities of the Local Government Areas by appointing them as out-growers for the company’s cassava major raw material needs.


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