Corporate Objectives

Our Vision

  • To be the largest local processor of pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch in Africa within the next five years of operation.

  • To provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest

Our Mission

  • This vision will be accomplish through aggressive focus on both technology and manufacturing efficiency

  • Achieve lower manufacturing costs reduction than competition through more efficient purchasing, lower labor costs, and more modern production equipment.

  • Operates at the high-quality, high-price end of the industrial starch market


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Excellent service
  • Team spirit
  • Quality


  • Build sufficient mass to achieve recognition as a market leader in Industrial Starch and take advantage of scaled economy
  • Rapidly develop recognition in the market with major global players

Our Contact

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GreenTech Industries Limited
Block X Plot 1, Area 5,
OPIC-Agbara Industrial Estate
Igbesa Road, Ogun State
Box 71204
Victoria Island, Lagos State



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