Corporate Objectives

Our Vision

  • To be the largest local processor of pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch in Africa within the next five years of operation.

  • To provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest

Our Mission

  • This vision will be accomplish through aggressive focus on both technology and manufacturing efficiency

  • Achieve lower manufacturing costs reduction than competition through more efficient purchasing, lower labor costs, and more modern production equipment.

  • Operates at the high-quality, high-price end of the industrial starch market


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Excellent service
  • Team spirit
  • Quality


  • Build sufficient mass to achieve recognition as a market leader in Industrial Starch and take advantage of scaled economy
  • Rapidly develop recognition in the market with major global players

Company Overview

GreenTech Industries Limited (GTI) was established as a commercial company to cultivate and process cassava, potatoes and corn into import substitute industrial starch for domestic market and export; and to bring rural communities into the mainstream of modern economic activity. Nigeria is the world largest importer of U.S hard red and white winter wheat. Import dependency is hurting Nigerian farmers, displacing local production and creating rising unemployment. This is neither acceptable, nor sustainable fiscally, economically and politically.

The company, incorporated in March 13, 2009 as a limited liability company with 5,000,000 ordinary shares at N1 par value, is a value added manufacturer and processor of pharmaceutical and food grade native starch produced from cassava tubers. This production line shall be commission by August 2012 with annual installed capacity 105, 120 metric tons of raw cassava tuber and over 30,000 metric tons of finished international quality starch grade. GTI has future plan of installing a second production line for processing corn starch. The factory is located on 10,120 square meter of industrial land in Agbara Industrial Estate in Ogun State Nigeria.

The total investment in the company till date is approximately N600 million naira. The proposed funding/capital structure arrangement included equity contribution and investment of N485 million naira from existing promoters and term facility of N115 million naira from Central Bank of Nigeria under Commercial and Agricultural Credit Schemes through a local Commercial Bank - First Bank of Nigeria Plc.



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