Food seasonings

We are aware that the success of every meal is hidden in the quality of the seasonings used during the preparation. And that’s why in GIL, we always produce products with the best qualities that help ensure that bouillon cubes and other seasonings are made to the satisfaction and needs of the consumers


Health is one of the major global concerns in today’s world and an increasing number of people are becoming more conscious of what goes into their bodies and switching to dietary guidelines to ensure their access to healthier lifestyles. We help you provide such products to your customers with our healthy, no cholesterol, gluten and fat free alternatives to our customers

Tomato pastes, sauces and soups

In salad dressings, tomato pastes and sauces etc, starch plays a major role in enhancing and sustaining the shelf lives and freshness of the products, developing the desired rich textures and authentic flavors that always keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. GIL offers nature based and healthy products that is guaranteed to meet the needs of our customers


A good drink is majorly judged by its taste and texture. With our vast range of growing products, we help our customers ensure that their consumers are left with a drink with a  rich taste at the end of the day.